Epilepsy Cured And Life Saved With The Last Option Available!

While everything else has fizzled urgency turns into its very own force and makes individuals swing to that last and just plan to remain alive, paying little mind to what is essential. 

After specialists and healing facilities come up short on alternatives they sent patients home to kick the bucket; yet for a few people this is not the appropriate response they at last acknowledge. A mother of an eight year old young lady with epilepsy was in a comparable circumstance and abandoning her little girl was not an answer for this mother. Any parent will do whatever it takes to improve a wiped out kid. The mother being educated by the medicinal group there is not a lot more we could do; simply take her home, love her, and possibly on the off chance that you are fortunate she'll contact her ninth birthday. 

Negative outcomes and awfulness! 

This young lady eight years old is experiencing epileptic seizures upwards of 60 a day and was given just months to live. The young lady was kicking the bucket; she could scarcely walk or talk, and was not able latrine herself after numerous mixed drinks of recommended solutions which left her vigorously calmed however neglected to stop the seizures. A long time of going to specialists and healing facilities, utilizing ordinary medicine with no positive outcomes was appalling for the family. The condition the young lady had all her life is an extreme type of epilepsy known as Dravet disorder. Such sickness, bringing on more than 20.000 seizures consistently has incurred significant damage on the young ladies little body; all expectations of survival got to be distinctly thin. For a considerable lot of us it would be unfathomable how the mother felt, in distress and not knowing where to turn for help for her daughter.

Time was running out!

The mother, fully aware that time was running out, and she wouldn't have long to go with her daughter surviving, she went on a frantic search and was willing to try anything. The very last option came from a family in a similar situation who lost the battle. They didn't get the medication on time to help their child. All the information and medication being forwarded to the family, including the best wishes and better luck and success than what they had. The medication consisted of medical-grade marijuana, and is, depending on where you live, not always readily available. With all other options looked at nothing else was available. The medical-grade marijuana has than been given orally through drops under the tongue. The side effects of not giving her that treatment was death in any case.

Liquid marijuana cured epilepsy

Now, one year on the girl is now seizure free. The wheel chair is gathering dust; the girl is walking, running, and even dancing. Survival to the next birthday is no longer an issue. Another woman's daughter was taking eight pharmaceutical medications without showing any improvement; after using the same medicinal marijuana she was seizure-free within days.


Doctors in leading hospitals have acknowledged the remarkable improvements in the girl's condition one year after she started taking the drug which removed her death sentence. After more positive results about the treatments are starting to surface a report says that clinical trials are necessary to test the effectiveness. What effectiveness is necessary for testing with such positive results? We've heard about clinical trials going on for many years where people die in meantime. The tests just fade away and nothing is ever heard about them. Big drug companies will try to suppress any such information. There is a growing body of evidence that cannabis is an effective treatment for many types of chronic pain and severe illnesses. Such positive results of natural alternative cures and herbal remedies could very well mean the end to some of the over the counter prescription drugs. By comments of some people such as "we are anti drugs" the point they are missing is that pharmaceutical medication is nothing else but drugs, manufactured synthetic drugs at that!

Marijuana can kill if used irresponsible and for the wrong purpose. For medical use more consideration is necessary to have it legalized across the board because of its life saving possibilities. After those positive results a growing group of parents are sharing their experiences about this type of treatment for their sick children and they are helping each other by staying in touch via social media.

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