BigCommerce Customization for Mobile Themed Websites

BigCommerce is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms in the world. The reason for this is because it is as effective for a startup as it is for an established billion-dollar company.

Its versatility and scalability is unmatched. With this being said, Bigcommerce Customization is vital if you want to make sure your business grows in line with your ambition.

There are a number of readymade free and paid BigCommerce themes available in the market. All of these are quite attractive, but there is always room for customizations. Customizations that will help you achieve the vision you have for your brand, things that will help you stand out as something special compared to your competition. As far as functionality is concerned, there are some BigCommerce customizations that you can do yourself. There are some amazing add-ons available in the App Store, which can do wonders for your store. 

With today’s technological advancement, more people are shopping online through mobile devices so you need to make sure that your BigCommerce store is responsive to that medium. Mobile friendly themes are not the same as regular themes.

Keep in mind that having a mobile-friendly store means that search engines will rate you higher. This will open up your business to a larger audience and achieve growth much faster.

Customize a BigCommerce Mobile Theme

BigCommerce customization is different for mobile themes compared to regular themes. You will need to access the Mobile Tab of the Store Design menu and make sure that the mobile theme is enabled. To customize the theme, you should download the template file. The file is downloaded as a zip. You can unzip the files and edit them to customize your BigCommerce mobile theme.

The files that you save that can be edited are HTML and CSS files. You should know programming in HTML and CSS if you want to do the BigCommerce customization yourself. Leave it to professional developers if you do not.

The theme files can be edited using any text-editing tool like Microsoft Notepad. If your concern is the design of your mobile theme, you want to work on the style.css style sheet. Each file controls a different aspect of your theme, so you should know which ones to edit.

Once you have edited the mobile theme files, you need to upload them to your store using the WebDAV file access client. Make sure that the format of the uploaded files is the same as the ones you downloaded. Each folder must contain the same files that it did previously, and files that were outside the folders should be outside the folders. Even folders that are empty need to be present as is.


Certified Experts in BigCommerce Customization

As a business owner, there are certain things that need to your utmost attention, business planning, marketing strategies, managing product lines, etc. Having an outstanding mobile-friendly store that runs like a well-oiled machine is also important. This is where BigCommerce certified experts can help lighten your workload.

At 1 Digital Agency, we are masters of all things BigCommerce including setup, customization and support. We understand the pressure that you are under, and work as an extension of your business vision to deliver tangible results. When we take on a projectPsychology Articles, our sole purpose is to meet your expectations and we do that every single time. Call us on 888.982.8269 or contact us let us show you how BigCommerce customization is really done.
Blog, Updated at: April 16, 2017

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