Why Every New Mother Needs a Breast Pump

Having your first child gives you a lot to think about. Simply mapping out your birth plan can take a lot of time and consideration, and that's only covering the day the baby is born! Everything after that is another challenge. With so many things to think about and prepare for, many new mothers overlook one vital tool--breast pumps. It's simple and easy to find a Medela breast pump in Seattle, and they are often free through your health insurance. But many people still forget about them, thinking that they're unimportant. This article will outline a few reasons why breast pumps are vital for every new mother.

Pain Relief

If you're having your first child, you may not know that your breast can actually become too full of milk. This can cause you extreme discomfort and pain. Assuming you are only having one child, odds are high that your baby won't need to drink all of the milk that you will be producing, and you are going to have moments when you need to get rid of some of your breast milk, but your baby doesn't need to eat.

In these moments, having a breast pump can be a great relief. You can simply use the pump to remove the excess breast milk and relieve the pain and pressure in your chest. Pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood come with enough discomfort; you don't need your breast milk adding to the problem.

A Little Freedom

Once you pump the milk from your breasts, what do you do with it? Most mothers will refrigerate or freeze it for later use. This gives you a little bit of freedom, especially if you have decided that you don't want your baby drinking any formula. Every time your baby needs to eat, he or she is going to need you to feed them, if you don't have any breast milk bottled.

However, if you've used a breast pump and have a few bottles of milk on hand, your spouse or another family member can feed the baby for you upon occasion. This allows you a little bit of freedom, since you don't have to be at your baby's beck and call every time he or she is hungry. You can share a little bit of the burden simply by pumping a few times a week.

breast pump

Potential Income

Most new mothers find that they don't actually need all of the milk that they produce. They'll pump the milk, chill or freeze it for a while, then end up throwing it away. However, there is another option. There are many mothers out there who, for one reason or another, cannot breast feed their babies. Perhaps they have a health condition that prevents it, or maybe they simply adopted their child and still want baby to receive breast milk. Whatever the reason, these mothers are looking for access to breast milk for their babies.

If you pump and keep this milk on hand, you can actually sell your breast milk online to women who need it. Many new mothers find that they can make a decent amount of money doing this, and it helps to offset a little of the cost of having a newborn. 

If you don't wish to sell your breast milk, there are also many organizations across the country that will accept donations of breast milk. These donations are given to women and children in need. Though you won't make money from donating your milk, you will be helping someone who desperately needs it.

As you prepare for the arrival of your child, make sure that your preparation checklist includes finding a Medela breast pump in Seattle. You'll be glad you did.
Blog, Updated at: April 02, 2017

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